Welcome to my little world, which revolves entirely around dolls! In this website I share my ball jointed doll collection, customization of dolls and also tutorials and a BJD FAQ in my blog. Let’s craft and enjoy our dolls together!

I support BJD artists


In this blog series, find answers to frequently asked questions common to the Ball Jointed Doll hobby and general information about BJD’s and the community.

Doll family

Detailed profiles of all the legit ball jointed dolls I have collected together with my mother. Each profile has details about aesthetics, accessories such as eyes, wigs and clothing, background stories and links to our other dolls.

BJD Event Calendar

A nice overview of ball jointed doll conventions worldwide.
Also includes doll, anime and fantasy or renaissance conventions with BJD related booths.


Various topics are addressed: posts about my personal dolls, tutorials, event reports, product reviews, doll comparisons, incoming dolls and more!


Learn more about my dolls and the vision behind them, you can also find useful information about BJD's in general!

Doll accessories for sale

Doll accessories for sale:many sizes, styles and types of accessories for BJDs, Barbie and other dolls. Furniture, belts, watches, glasses, jewelry, bags, instruments, food, tableware, games and more! How can I buy your stuff? Please Read more…

Doll wigs for sale

Doll wigs for sale: many sizes, styles and colors of wigs for BJDs, Smart Doll, Dollfie Dream, Obitsu, Barbie, Blythe, Pullip and other dolls. All wigs are new and of high quality. Categories: Doll wigs Read more…

Dolls for sale

Dolls for sale. Various sizes and brands of dolls and action figures such as Barbie, Nendoroid, Cu-Poche, S. Figuarts, Figma, Mezco, Kurhn, Diva Starz and more. Nendoroid & Cu-Poche 1/12 anime dolls Nendoroid & Cu-Poche Read more…

BJD parts for sale

Ball jointed doll BJD and Obitsu doll parts for sale. Doll parts size 1/3 Hound 70-75cm Ball Jointed Doll Doll parts size 1/3 SD 55-65cm Ball Jointed Doll Doll parts size 1/4 MSD 40-45cm Ball Read more…