Ryu is Takahiro’s little brother and twin of Kaida.

ball jointed doll

I want to become a race-car driver! Or a pirate, or a fireman, or an adventurer. Something cool!

Type of DollDollzone Ani on a BB doll boy body
Type of EyesSouldoll
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Date of arrival21-03-2007
Meaning of nameDragon


ball jointed dollball jointed dollsball jointed dollball jointed doll
ball jointed dollkazuo's arrivalour doll family in 2007BJD meet at Castlefest 2007
bjd meet elfia 2007BJD meet picnic Apeldoorn 2007pirate ball jointed dolls


PersonalityNaughty, adventurous, a bit shy but Kaida usually makes up for that.
Relationships Takahiro – older brother
Kaida – sister
HobbiesPlaying with my toy cars, daring Kaida to do things, hiding Takahiro’s stuff, playing pirate.
Favorite quote
PetsAngel the collie dog
LifeI live with my brig brother and his girlfriend Nariko, because my parents need to travel for work all the time.

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