Sivia is Fiyero’s twin sister, she lives with her clan, the Fihalthi, in the Sehaeloth  woods.

Sivia in the garden

I want to find a safe place to live for my brothers and me.

Type of DollSoom Monthly Winnie Dee Afi ( dreaming eye head )
Type of Eyespink blind glass eyes
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
ModificationsI opened her eyes
Date of arrival11-03-2010
Meaning of nameHebrew: deer


Sivia in the faerie garden


PersonalityA little shy, runs away from danger to hide somewhere safe.
Relationships Fionnuala – clan member
Tarion – clan druid
Fiyero – brother, clan leader
Devin – brother, clan member
Sorcha – clan member
Kallista – clan member
Orin – clan member
Favorite quote
LifeShe has been cursed and looks like a half-fawn, half-elf now.

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