Cola is Sericea’s servant and guardian.

ball jointed doll

I wish to serve her Majesty the Queen to the best of my ability.

Type of DollSouldoll Little Metel Lovely Rose Girl Limited Edition
Type of EyesDefault
Face-up in picture aboveDefault
Date of arrival25-12-2008
Meaning of nameHer name refers to both a plant (Colanthe) and a well known beverage


ball jointed dollball jointed doll


PersonalitySpunky, hyperactive, vigilant.
Relationships Queen Sericea Draequehaless – liege
HobbiesChanging costumes, spying and peeping.
Goals in life
Favorite quote
LifeShe was born a wee sprite and raised to be a servant to the Royal Family. Sericea took an an interest in the fiery little girl and appointed her to be her personal assistant. Cola was so overwhelmed by honor that she vowed never to disappoint her liege and so she will go to great lengths to please and serve her mistress.

Owner’s story

When Cola first arrived, she didn’t have a name yet, but we wanted her character to be a sprite. Jokingly, we named her ‘Cola’ as a placeholder. Little did we know that this would spiral out of control into an entire clan of sprites years down the line…