The gentle druid centaur Tarion has taken in many a stray therianthrope creature. He acts as their caretaker and has provided them with a sheltered place in the Sehaeloth woods. This band of misfits have united themselves into a clan they named ‘Fihalthi’.

Tarion Soom Epidos Centaur

I want to help the defenseless and do what I can to help them sustain and protect themselves.

Type of DollSoom Monthly Epidos Centaur
Type of EyesRed blind glass eyes
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Date of arrival18-12-2010
Meaning of name


Tarion Soom Epidos Centaur


Relationships Fionnuala – lover
Orin – clan member
Sivia – clan member
Fiyero – clan leader
Devin – clan member
Sorcha – clan member
Kallista – clan member
Goals in life
Favorite quote
LifeTarion is actually part of a herd of centaurs, but he feels responsible for all creatures who inhabit the forest. For this reason, he aides the therianthrope clan on occasion.
He is in love with Fionnuala, despite their love having been forbidden by his herd.

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