Hypothermia serves the goddes of death of the winter.

ball jointed doll

My mistress guides the souls that have left their physical form due to my gentle embrace.

Type of DollMelian Dolls Ultima Thule Rhein, Torvi and Freya in Blue skin
Type of Eyes
Face-up in picture above
ModificationsCreated an acrylic wool fiber wig
Date of arrival16-01-2019
Meaning of nameThe body temperature dropping below a critical point, at which organs may start failing.


ball jointed doll


PersonalityGentle, timid.
Relationships Marzanna – death of winter spirit
Zíma – goddess of winter
Frostbite  – fellow servant
Ra-Nefru – death of summer spirit
Goals in lifeI gently rock creatures to sleep and enable them to drift off in a frosty dream, I have no higher goals then the very purpose I serve.
Favorite quote
LifeVery little is known about the winter spirits, they mostly keep to themselves.

Owner’s story

I stumbled across this girl on Etsy and fell head over heels for her! She is amazingly detailed and so tiny! A true marvel of 3D sculpting and printing, combined with highly skilled casters to produce such minute details. Just look at her delicate fingers and be amazed for a moment at how incredibly delicate they are <3