She is the Daughter of Zestos who is one of the Seven Brothers of the Deadly Sins. She has been taken in by the Fihalthi clan.

Kallista Alice in Labyrinth Aya

I want to find my place in the world and be accepted.

Type of DollAlice in Labyrinth Aya in normal skin
Type of EyesEyeco sillicone
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Date of arrival
Meaning of nameMost beautiful


Kallista and the fountainKallista in the forest


PersonalityKallista is a natural born hunter, her nymph mother’s free spirit mingled with her father’s demonic blood and created a perfect killer. She loves the thrill of the hunt and proudly brings her kills home.
Relationships Zestos – father
Hesychia – mother
Tarion – clan druid
Fionnuala – clan member
Orin – clan member
Sivia – clan member
Fiyero – clan leader
Devin – clan member
Sorcha – clan member
Goals in lifeTo please her family in the woods by being the best huntress. She realizes she is not like the centaur and therianthrope members of her clan and desperately wants to fit in and be accepted by all of them.
Favorite quote
LifeKallista is the daughter of the demon of wrath Zestos and his wife, the nymph Hesychia, who died during childbirth.
Her parents were fleeing from people who had been affected by the sin of wrath, inflicted upon them by Zestos. They were now seeking revenge on the demon that lead them down that path, relentless in their pursuit.
Weary of a long journey and continuous running, in need of sleep and a solid meal, they stopped in the woods as her mother could not carry on any further.
Her mother died during child birth, because Kallista ate her way out of her in terror and trying to survive, feeling her mother’s body weakening during her birth.
Zestos was so shocked and horrified by what he witnessed, he could not forgive his daughter for this and attempted to kill the newborn straight away. He left her for dead in the forest, along with his beloved Hesychia.
There, the infant was later discovered by a group of refugees of the Fihalthi clan, led by Tarion, and they raised her in their clan after nursing her back to health. She was a handful: aggressive and unpredictable!

Many years later Zestos discovered that she was still alive. His heart had only grown blacker since the day he lost his beloved, there was no room in his heart left for love or forgiveness. Once again, he took the life of the parasite that had so cruelly taken his beloved from him. This time, he made sure she would not survive.

Decades and many different women passed, until queen Sericea found herself in love with Zestos.
They had met solely to soothe their physical needs with each other, but for her this carnal desire had started to transform into much more than that.

One fateful night she learned about Kallista. Siobhán – the seer of the past – had consulted her regarding disturbing images she perceived when encountering Zestos.

Mistakenly interpreting his lethargy and closed heart for guilt, Sericea conspired with her daughter Lilith to resurrect Kallista and reunite the father and daughter. Blinded by her own desire for reuniting her family with the husband she had lost long ago, she convinced her daughter Lilith to assist her with the forbidden ritual.
Suffice it to say that her lover was not enamored with the gesture, but that is another story for another time…

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