Nixie is Daray’s childhood friend, who secretly wishes to be his lover.

ball jointed doll

I lure unsuspecting victims into the water where I consume them.

Type of DollPreviously: DD-Anne Fairygarden tiny Lii
Currently: Asleep Eidolon Lorelei Mermaid Ltd 20 with purple mermaid parts
Type of EyesAcrylic
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Date of arrival2013
Meaning of nameWater sprite


ball jointed dollkazuo's arrivalball jointed dollour doll family in 2007


Relationships Prince Daray – friend and secret crush
Favorite quote
LifeI was sent after Daray to stop him from helping Bran retrieve the sword from the earth dimension and thereby fulfilling his prophecy. My orders are not to let him return home and stop the war between Elves (and sidhe) and Angels (and demons). The sad truth is that I would rather he succeed, but I am under a spell of the evil wizard Daoi who secretly works on the side of the Angels.

Owner’s story