Prince Kiril

Kiril is married to Lilith and the father of Daray.

ball jointed doll

My highest goal is to ensure that my son Daray will rule this country. This is my wife’s greatest desire and I support her in any way she needs.

Type of DollLuts Cerberus Project Juri Type A Beauty White 2007 X-Mas event head on a Luts body
Type of EyesGlass
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Modifications Added vampire teeth
Date of arrival2007
Meaning of nameLord ( Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek )


ball jointed dollsour doll family in 2007


PersonalityConniving, arrogant, obedient and tender to his beloved wife.
Relationships Lilith Draequehaless – wife
Daray – son
Marcia – adopted daughter
Goals in lifeTo see my son claim the throne someday.
Favorite quote
LifeI am married to the beautiful Princess Lilith and we have a son together, Daray. Some time ago, an inexperienced vampire hunter cut off my head without performing the proper rituals. Instead of slaying me, she just severed my head from my body. My body was taken away since everyone mistook me for dead. My dear Lilith found me and she swore to find a spell to re-attach me to the rest of me. I have been waiting for a long time for this to happen, but Lilith finally succeeded.

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