Fiyero is the leader of the Fihalthi clan in the Sehaeloth  woods.

Fiyero Soom Winnie Dee Afi

I want to provide a safe environment for my clan, we are all part animal by curse and have been cast out of our homes and villages. Thankfully have found a way to co-exist and survive by working together.

Type of Doll Soom Monthly Winnie Dee Afi ( open eye head ) on Teenie Gem body
Type of Eyesblue blind glass eyes
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
ModificationsInserted a magnet into his lower back, made him a magnetic pose-able fox tail and wig, added resin fox ears, modded his ears to be pointy, added magnetic fox ears.
Date of arrival11-03-2010
Meaning of nameIt refers to a character from the Wicked book series by Gregory Maguire


Fiyero clan leader


PersonalityFierce, does not stand down easily and goes after whatv he needs for his loved ones.
Relationships Fionnuala – clan member
Tarion – clan druid
Sivia – sister, clan member
Devin – brother, clan member
Sorcha – clan member
Kallista – clan member
Princess Aurora Draquehaless – friend
Favorite quote
Life He has been cursed and looks like a half-fox, half-elf now.

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