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Who is the artist behind Lunar Reverie art?

Lunar Reverie artist

Lunar Reverie


Geek, Zelda fan, My Little Pony collector and sideline brony, Science fiction and fantasy novel reader.
Captivated by the fantastical and imaginative.

Previously the co-owner of Think Pink!, now rediscovering life after closing that special chapter.

I have collected dolls together with my mother (Blackdragon) for a long time. We started out with collecting all sorts of Barbie dolls, from vintage to modern and playline to collectible. Since 2006 we also started collecting Ball Jointed Dolls, which would turn in to my greatest passion.

We have done so much over the years:


I love customizing dolls, by working with them in this way, their characters really come to life in my hands for me. The process of discovering how the choice of colours used changes their expression and adding details to reflect a certain personality is something that I can lose myself in completely.
In the past years I’ve had to overcome quite a few challenges and had to say goodbye to important aspects in my life.
After all this I am now rediscovering what is truly meaningful to me and I have gravitated back to creating the images I have in my mind for my dolls.

As an avid collector of dolls and toys, I admire the artistry involved in creating the things of beauty that fascinate me so.
Therefore, I am a firm believer in supporting the very artists that bring these particular forms of beauty into existence. Which is to say, I only own legit (non-recast) dolls. This means I can’t always get what I want… often I have found myself wishing for a particular skin colour for a doll that simply wasn’t available, or I have had to miss out on a limited edition because I could not scramble together the money in time.

That’s life… disappointment breeds appreciation for the things I am lucky enough to be able to obtain.
At the end of the day it’s all trivial, my life will not significantly change simply by getting a doll I want or not, although it may definitely influence my short-term happiness ;).


In this website, I want to celebrate the dolls that have passed through my life and my hands, some of them are still with me and others have been passed on to other collectors. However, each doll had a certain pull on me and I chose to make it part of my stories in one way or another.


Gliding through the twilight in solitude and admiring La Luna Bella, mesmerized by her glow, enthralled by her pull.
This image I have tried to convey in the design for my logo: the warm hues of the sun reflecting it’s rays on our atmosphere in a captivating dance of light serve as the background for the teal crescent moon (I simply adore this colour), with a lavender skinned ball jointed doll girl elegantly cradling it and dangling her legs.