Sorcha lives with her clan, the Fihalthi, in the Sehaeloth  woods.

Sorcha Soom Pyrol BJD

I want to protect our place in the woods and make sure that we grow what we need to survive, in harmony with our surroundings.

Type of DollSoom Pyrol – The Magic Horn
Type of Eyeslavender/ice blue glass eyes
Face-up in picture above
Date of arrival10-03-2011
Meaning of nameGaelic: radiant


Sorcha Soom Pyrol BJD


PersonalityEthical, hard working, Sorcha is both a farmer and a gardener, while also taking responsibility for the fortifications of the clan’s homestead to protect it from outsiders with bad intentions.
Relationships Tarion – clan druid
Orin – clan member
Fionnuala – clan member
Fiyero – clan leader
Sivia – sister, clan member
Devin – clan member
Kallista – clan member
Favorite quote
LifeShe has been cursed and looks like a half-horse, half-gnome now. People often mistake her for a really small centaur, which frustrates her greatly.

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