Princess Morgan Draquehaless

Morgan is the sister to Morgan and Bran, daughter of Sericea and the mother of Aurora.

ball jointed doll

I would like to participate in bringing peace to my home world, I rather dislike the millennia of fighting that have been going on.

Type of DollLuts Cerberus Project Dark Elf Soo Beauty White
Type of EyesKanis blue glass
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Date of arrival29-6-2007
Meaning of nameGreat brightness


ball jointed dollball jointed dollour doll family in 2007BJD meet at Castlefest 2007


PersonalityWarm, gentle, peacekeeper.
Relationships King Araniár Draequehaless – father (deceased)
Bran Draequehaless – elder brother
Lilith Draequehaless – twin sister
Aurora – daughter
HobbiesFine arts, listening to beautifully composed music, babysitting Daray.
Goals in life
Favorite quote
PetsNone, at the moment, although I would love to have a cat.
Life I am Bran’s half sister and Lilith’s twin. Our mother the (Elven) Queen was raped by a Fallen Angel during on of the sieges on their fortresses, from this unholy act came Bran, my younger brother. My father is the (Vampire) King. I was born after Lilith, which makes me the youngest sibling of our family. My brother Bran will be king someday. I traveled here along with my sister Lilith to retrieve her son Daray. The little rascal escaped our watchful eyes for a moment and next thing we knew he was here with his uncle Bran. I rather fancied the idea of a short vacation and this dimension seemed nice enough. Lilith is a practitioner of magic and I have learned some very useful things from her. She rather takes to the dark side, though. I myself prefer white magic, I never much took to the idea of harming people. My dear sister taught me a very valuable spell one day, with which I created my daughter Princess Aurora. I have longed for a child for a long time, but no noble man has asked for my hand in marriage until this day. Since I’m getting on in years I decided to magically conceive a precious little child to care for.

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