ball jointed doll Darak-i Remy with dragonfly wings

I am the daughter of Amelia and Wonderland’s the White Rabbit.

Type of DollDarak-i C-Remy A type big breast in White skin
Type of EyesGlib acrylic
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Modificationsadded magnetic Dollzone rabbit ears and custom painted Soom dragonfly wings
Date of arrival2014
Meaning of nameFrom the shadows


ball jointed dolls


PersonalityCurious, inquisitive, adventurous
Relationships Amelia – mother
the White Rabbit- father
Julius – godfather
Goals in lifeI strive to be a great reporter, currently publishing and distributing my very own newspaper with all the news from my town and beyond!
Favorite quote
LifeMy mother Amelia returned home from quite an adventure, baring me within her unknowingly. Amelia was pleasantly surprised when she found she was pregnant, but found it difficult to explain my whimsical bunny ears when I was born. My Wonderland background has thankfully not placed a stigma on me. As a curious, but drawn back child, I began exploring the world with pen and paper. I can express myself better in writing than in speech, which triggered my love for journalism.

Owner’s story

Just look at that face! Who can resist? I sure couldn’t.