Demon of Envy ( Invidia ) Demonic name: Leviathan

Milo is one of the Seven Brothers of the Deadly Sins.

Volks FCS F30 SD13

I want it all and I want it now.

Type of DollVolks FCS F30 SD13 Sunlight, SD13B-H-04 hands, SD13B-L-02 (long)legs, SD13B-FO-01 feet, SD-E-01 (elf) ears
Type of EyesUrethane
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Date of arrival31-12-2008
Meaning of namePerfection


Volks FCS F30 SD13 BJD


PersonalityHis envious nature drives him to be the best at everything. He is convinced he can do anything better.
Relationships Rosier (demon of Love) – father
Zestos – brother
Shirou – brother
Milo – brother
Vicente – brother
Massimiliano – brother
Kazuo – brother
HobbiesCompetat8ive games and sports
Goals in lifeBecoming the best at anything.
Favorite quote
LifeSon of the demon of Love, Rosier.
His life started in the desert where he was raised a nomad. As he matured his people noticed and started to fear his demonic nature so he was banned from the tribe. He feels the need to prove himself continuously and leaves a trail of envy behind. As the demon of envy he wanders the face of the earth alone, striving to compete with anyone, anywhere. His sin is so powerful that the people he has been in contact with can no longer function in society, they are obsessed with what they don’t have and can’t do, so much that they destroy themselves and their surroundings.
Kamal himself is a tragic case, he can never quite hold a candle to his brothers or anyone he aspires to copy. Thought he does persistently try, he ruins almost anything he aspires to do by his inexperience or lack of knowledge.

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