Demon of Gluttony ( Gula ) Demonic name: Beelzebub

Milo is one of the Seven Brothers of the Deadly Sins.

Milo Volks Whiteskin FCS F-09

I want to feed the world with sweetness!

Type of DollVolks Whiteskin FCS F-09 MSD, L-02 long legs, tabi feet, H-05 hands
Type of Eyes14 mm Clear Baby Blue Soom Sillicone
Face-up in picture aboveDefault
Date of arrival8-1-2008
Meaning of nameHoney, derived from the Italian word for honey, Miele


Volks Whiteskin FCS F-09 BJD


PersonalityA real ‘sweet talker’, I can make anyone eat sweets until they ‘pop’. I have the worst sweet tooth ever seen!
Relationships Rosier (demon of Love) – father
Zestos – brother
Shirou – brother
Kamal – brother
Vicente – brother
Massimiliano – brother
Kazuo – brother
HobbiesCooking and trying out new recipies. Making people to eat more and more candy and pastry and loose control over it.
Goals in lifeI want to become the world’s best pastry chef and candy maker. I would love to work together with Rachel since we go to the same Hotel school.
Favorite quoteCome over to the dark side…we have candy
PetsI’m always cooking, so I don’t have time for them.
LifeSon of the demon of Love, Rosier. My mother was a passionate Italian woman and I inherited her spirit of life. I love living and most of all I love sweets. If I can’t get candy when I want it, I can persuade people with my big baby blue eyes to give it to me anyway. I can also make it so people can’t resist candy and sweets. From my mother, I learned all kinds of recipes for delicious cakes, cookies and other pastries.

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