Aurora Draquehaless

Aurora is the daughter of Morgan.

ball jointed doll

I want to find out what life is about, being undead since birth has made me curious about it.

Type of DollPreviously: Bambicrony Elf Lullabye Lotti Floral White
Currently: Soom Yuki Head on a Doll Chateau boy body in white skin
Type of EyesBlue glass
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
ModificationsBoy to girl body mod
Date of arrivalPrevious shell: 27-7-2008 current shell: 2014
Meaning of nameDawn


ball jointed doll


PersonalityMelancholic, very attached to her mother, a loner to all other people, sweet and caring, fragile.
Relationships Morgan Draequehaless – mother
Orin – friend
HobbiesSinking into the lake, feeling my body sink and float back up sometime later.
Goals in life
Favorite quote
LifePrincess Aurora is Morgan’s magically created daughter. Morgan was longing so to have a baby of her own, but she was perpetually without a husband. She decided she would create one by magic, as she had been taught to do by her sister Lilith.
Unfortunately, Morgan isn’t that talented a witch and the child was stillborn. Without Morgan knowing about it, Lilith observed what had happened and intervened.
Alas though, the scope of Lilith’s dark witchcraft does not include giving life, so instead she gave the child ‘undeath’: Princess Aurora is a Living Dead Elf now.
She is attracted by the cold water, as it matches both her skin color and temperature so she can blend in and fade into the background.
She does have a secret friend (she does not know him, but his name is Orin). He noticed the tragic little dead girl one day and felt she needed to be happy. He started leaving her little gifts, which were always received with a melancholical smile. Although Princess Aurora does not know who is leaving her these presents, she looks forward to receiving them, hoping to meet her unknown friend someday…

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