ball jointed doll

My mistress guides the souls that have left their physical form due to my stinging touch.

Type of DollDollzone Eugenia in White skin
Type of EyesHandmade urethane by unknown artist
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
ModificationsCreated a Icelandic sheep fur wig, tiara and outfit.
Date of arrival2015
Meaning of name


ball jointed dollsball jointed doll


PersonalityFiesty, pushy and ferociious.
Relationships Marzanna – death of winter spirit
Zíma – goddess of winter
Hypothermia – fellow servant
Ra-Nefru – death of summer spirit
Goals in lifeTo catch and bite the physical forms of the souls I am tasked to help cross over, so my mistress can guide them to the afterlife.
Favorite quote
LifeVery little is known about the winter spirits, they mostly keep to themselves.

Owner’s story

Dollzone Eugenia reminds me of Doll Chateau Bella crossed with the general aesthetic style of Popovy Sister’s doll bodies. When I saw her, I knew I had to have her and after she arrived, her purpose and character became clear to me.