Chandra is the Moon Goddess, she has a daughter, Pandora, together with Daray.

ball jointed doll

I am the guardian of but one of the many bodies that the creatures in this world can see when they look up. My only wish is to tend to my moon and make sure it’s silvery beams keep bouncing on the nearby planets.

Type of DollSouldoll Tarot Card the Empress Kayla in Ice Violet skin
Type of EyesDefault
Face-up in picture aboveDefault by Souldoll
Date of arrival02-06-2010
Meaning of namea Hindi lunar god


ball jointed doll

Stories of Kadrimoth – the Draequehaless family

Chapter: The Moon


Relationships Prince Daray Draquehaless – father of Pandora
Pandora Draquehaless – daughter
Favorite quote
LifeChandra followed Jocelyn down the beams to find her servant playing in the icy water with little Aurora. She was intrigued by this undead elf girl who seemed remarkably alike to her own kind. The cold, distant disposition that Chandra knows so well was reflected in the child.
This encounter sparked a desire in her that was previously unknown: to procreate and secure the existence of caretakers of the night sky. After many a night of watching down on the earth, keeping her attention focused on Aurora, she noticed Daray. Observing him fueled a desire for him to be her mate and grant her the child she wished for so badly

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