Prince Bran Draquehaless

Bran is the son of Sericea and (half)brother of Morgan and Lilith.

ball jointed doll

I want to end the apocalyptic war on my home world and become King, after that, we’ll see.

Type of DollPreviously: Dollzone Wing in nomal skin
Currently: Angell Studio Leo in solid white skin
Type of EyesGrey glass
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Date of arrival21-3-2007
Meaning of nameRaven


ball jointed dollball jointed dollball jointed dollkazuo's arrival
our doll family in 2007BJD meet at Castlefest 2007bjd meet elfia 2007BJD meet picnic Apeldoorn 2007

Stories of Kadrimoth – the Draequehaless family

Chapter 1: Sericea’s predicament
Chapter 2: The outcast
Chapter 3: Seer, tell me, what does the future hold?


Personality A bit cocky at times, I like boys, traditional, protective, tender (when no-one’s looking!)
Relationships King Araniár Draequehaless – (step)father (deceased)
Queen Sericea Draequehaless – mother
Morgan Draequehaless – sister, twin of:
Lilith Draequehaless – sister
Micah – lover
HobbiesEnjoying nature with my pet snow-owl, manicures and pedicures (a well groomed man is a nobeler one), reading Terry Pratchett, and strangely, since I arrived to this world called earth: socializing with Takahiro and Nariko.
Goals in lifeI want to end the apocalyptic war on my home world and become King, after that, we’ll see.
Favorite quote
PetsMy baby snow-owl Hoot.
Life I am the son of the Vampire King and the Elven Queen (well, in honesty I am a bastard but I don’t like speaking of the monster that raped my mother and honoring him by acknowledging him as my father). I have to hide my Fallen Angel side from my people, or the war shall become unstoppable when they find out that the ‘enemy’ has lived in their royal house all along.

My soul is tied to a magical sword. In a prophecy it has been foretold that a child with both Angel and Sidhe blood shall save the world, this child would be me. My homeworld is in an apocalyptic war, involving Elves and Angels. On my world, white angels and fallen angels fight on the same side. In fact, dark angels are simply allowed to commit more heinous crimes than the white angels, which is how they became their henchmen. The sad truth is that I was born after a Dark Angel raped my Elven mother. My mother doesn’t blame me, but it does pain her to look at her son.

This also makes me invaluable, since I am the only one that could end the war that has lasted for many centuries. I am the one that bridges the gap. On the other side of things, many people want me dead for that very reason, especially the ones who consider the war profitable. I am the Chosen One and with my sword I am able to mend what is broken. Those who want to prevent me from prevailing have hidden the sword on earth, where I soon discovered it to be in the possession of Takahiro. I can not take it back though, I have to convince Takahiro to give it back to me without sharing it’s true potential, or the magic in the sword goes into a 1000 year slumber. If that were to happen, the end of the war can only come by the destruction of one of the two races.

Takahiro, Nariko and their family are very nice. They have taught us to fit in with the people of their world. I have to get out of here fast, or I might start liking it… Oh, and I like boys. Which is a huge problem ( back home, only my sister Morgan knows of this ). I dread the day that I will have to take a wife and produce a son. My sister Lilith doesn’t even suspect… Ever since we met, I’ve fallen in love with Micah. I think he’s the one <3…

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