Beware of the Marshes…

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Stories of Kadrimoth – The seers of time

These dolls are from our personal ball jointed doll collection and are not for sale.

Part of the fun of ball jointed doll collecting is sharing what you do with them with other fans. This gallery is dedicated to BJD characters who play a particular role in our stories.
The seers of time play important roles in the world of Kadrimoth, because they guide our main characters in their life stories.

Súileabhán is the seer of the future, predicting events that are to come. Unfortunately her personality is terribly withered and wicked .

They say that a witch lives in the marshes. “Don’t go near the water” they say…

She lies there, waiting for the right moment to lunge at her prey…
Patiently biding her time up to that fatal instant where she can just feel the presence of that which she desires to obtain.
Dead still in the cold and muddy water, apathetically she lies, as though frozen in time.
Some even mistook her for a dead girl adrift. Upon closer inspection they all paid the ultimate price as the corpse swiftly arose and dragged them down with her, into the cold and tranquil water.
Súileabhán wants for only one thing though, the other victims are discarded as the waste they are, left for the fish. What she wants is a suitable, fresh vessel for her powerful entity to find shelter in.
Once she has what she needs, the original appearances of it’s former owner slowly fade and more and more, take the shape of Súileabhán’s usual features. As she consumes her new host, the vessel is slowly starved until it can function no more, at which point she hunts again.

So, Beware of the Marshes…

Súileabhán is a Doll Chateau Bella BJD . You can learn more about her, by visiting her profile page:

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