Little Monica Ryuhwa BJD for sale

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Little Monica Ryuhwa BJD for sale.
This ball jointed doll is from our personal collection, now she is for sale.

Little Monica Ryuhwa BJD for sale

Ryuhwa Full Doll
Little Monica
Skintone/resin type:
Made in 2015.

Ryuhwa is new with her box and certificate, her face-up sealing is flaking a bit (this is a manufacturing error) and she has yellowed a little around her hands.
The total price for her was originally $545 + face-up $55 + heel legs $70 = $670

Included in sale:
Doll, box, pillow, certificate, high heel legs, elactic cord and spare s-hooks, eyes
damaged face-up Details: Her face-up itself is not damaged, but the sealant is flaking a little, as shown in the pictures.

no modifications

a little yellowing (even) Details: She has yellowed a little around her hands.

I am the first owner of this itemPurchase History: She was ordered directly from Little Monica in 2015.I cannot provide screencaps of receiptsI can provide a photo of this item with a handwritten note containing the buyer’s choice of text.

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