Metis Doll Dicephalus twin – Box opening

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On May 28th, 2020 my Metis doll Dicephalus twin BJD arrived! Molly and Erin are 1/4 sized mature fashion style ball jointed dolls of around 43cm height. This particular doll is a conjoined twin. Join me in unboxing them in the video below and read on for the review.

Box opening and posing review of Metis doll Dicephalus twin BJD

They arrive in a pretty black box decorated with an artful photograph of the separate girls Molly and Erin. The box is lined with black foam and the doll is placed securely inside it in a shape cut out around them. They are fastened with ribbons to emphasize the luxurious appeal of a collector’s doll. To be honest, I would have personally wrapped their delicate hands and ankles with some bubble wrap for additional protection, but despite that they arrived safely in one piece.

Inside of the box is a certificate of authenticity, accompanied by a photographic postcard of the Dicephalus twin, both with Molly heads. At their feet, the doll has two plastic containers with eyes and eyeputty inside, one pair for each head.
By default, the girls come with four different pairs of feet! That is so much fun, I love swapping doll feet for various pictures.

About the artist

If you’re also tickled by the beauty of these girls, show artist Mihui of Metis Doll Studio some love by visiting her shop! I can also greatly recommend following her on Instagram, she has such an elegant creative vision and frequently shares stunning pictures of her creations.

Review of Metis doll Dicephalus twin


In my opinion, Molly and Erin’s facial features are similar enough to pass as identical twins, so I love the different facial expressions they have. This will help emphasize their unique personalities!

The heads themselves don’t have any specific markings, other than the first letter of their names carved into their headcaps. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really help to identify who is who if you would ever get confused. The magnets of the headcaps are a little weak and especially my Erin’s headcap tends to come off quite easily.

The Metis doll Dicephalus twin heads are spaced in such a way that they can elegantly look in a wide range of directions, although they are unable to look directly at eachother. They can brush their cheeks though.


The doll comes tightly strung and their joints have been lined with silicone. Obviously this careful preparation allows them to hold poses very well! Their double-jointed elbow allows the arm to bend fully, so they are able to touch their own -and each other’s- faces gracefully. The torso joint allows for a slight tilt backwards and a large tilt forwards, making them capable of a crouched position.

Peanut shaped hip joints allow them to lift their thighs almost against their belly. Their peanut knee joints bends all the way, but their lower legs don’t completely touch their thighs. They are able to hug their legs though!
They can sit cross-legged with the greatest ease, as well as sit with their legs sideways.

With flat feet the doll can stand unsupported on both legs. Her small feet and heavy torso make balancing on one leg quite a challenge. She is able to squat and crouch, but it doesn’t always look natural or effortless.
The range of motion for the feet differs for each pair, read more below.


There is no option to specify eye colors, so I assume they are sent randomly. I received a pair of silvery grey eyes and light blue eyes, both emphasized with a bit of glitter to make them more lively. The eyes seem to be made of either plastic or resin, or a combination of those. They have long pegs, which I appreciate for ease of setting. They are 8 mm wide with a small iris, the doll’s eye openings are 6 mm wide, so this results in a very realistic looking eye without any gaps on the sides.


Elegant and delicately shaped fingers with pronounced finger nails immediately catch the eye of the beholder. The sculpt of the hands looks moderately relaxed, as if the doll motions towards something without great emphasis. The hands bend backwards in an almost 90 degree angle, but forwards about 45 degrees.


Flat feet

Upon arrival, the flat feet are attached to the body. They are nicely sculpted with a lot of definition. The artist sculpted asymmetrical toes, tendons, skin lines and nail beds with a lot of attention to detail. The toes are slightly arched on top and really seem to have bone structure. The soles of the feet are curvy and defined. The ball of the foot is round and looks soft, the arch is a nice curve with wrinkles where the skin would expand and retract.
Positions for these feet are fairly limited, but this does provide stability for posing.

High heel feet

The second pair is for high heel shoes. These seem a bit less detailed, but that is partly because Mihui was able to capture the skin stretching in this position so well. Another reason is that the toe nails are less defined and somehow the toes themselves seem to have a little less bone definition.
The range of motion for these feet is very wide, allowing for various types of high heel shoes to be used with this doll.

Pointed feet

The third pair is a pointed foot, as if tipping into a warm bath for instance. I’m not sure what to use these for specifically, because they don’t seem particularly suitable for shoes. However, I can image doing a nature photoshoot with the doll tipping into some fairytale pool. These feet look very relaxed, but like their flat counterparts have a lot of definition.
These feet can be posed in a straight line with the doll’s legs, and forward in about a 45 degree angle which could make the suitable for some heel shoes.

Ballet feet

The fourth pair are ‘en pointe’ ballet feet. They are gorgeous! They look strong, controlled. You can just see the muscle tension in the way the toes are shaped. The three smaller toes are slightly behind the first two, where all the tension would be concentrated. The ball of the foot is very pronounced, as well as the joints of the toes.
In terms of pose ability, these are the most limited, but that makes sense. In this position, the feet would look very unnatural when bent forwards too much. I would feel comfortable posing her standing on these feet because they seem very stable and capable of supporting the doll (supported by a doll stand, of course).


I ordered them on March 10th (to celebrate my birthday, yay!) and they were dispatched on May 20th. I was amazed by how fast they were ready to come home to me!

My life has been a bit unpredictable of late: unfortunately I lost my new job about two weeks after ordering these girls. To be honest, that did somewhat cloud my enthusiasm for their arrival, because I still haven’t found a new job in this strange Corona virus crisis and money is tight. Regardless of that, I am excited to start working with these strange but beautiful girls!

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