Of Nymphs and Demons

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Stories of Kadrimoth – Demons of the Seven Deadly Sins: Kallista chapter 1

In our story, there are two worlds: the human Earth world and an alternate dimension: Kadrimoth. The demons of the Seven Deadly Sins possess the power to corrupt people with their sin, driving them to actions they might otherwise not have taken. Their power is also their weakness: each demon embodies his sin so deeply, that he can’t help but suffer it’s effects himself.

In this chapter, Zestos first loses his heart to the love of his life, only to lose everything he holds dear not much later, leaving him in raging anger for having no control over these events.

*This story is suitable for 16+ and is NSFW, it contains violent graphical content

A chance encounter

Kallista’s mother and father had fallen in love very unexpectedly. The demon of wrath did not have much space in his heart for anyone in the first place, but love happens in unlikely places and at uncertain times.

The beautiful Hesychia captivated the helpless-to-resist-her Zestos with her calm and gentle demeanor upon his passing of a creek. The nymph was bathing in a secluded basin that was created by the rocks in the woods where she resided, when she was spotted by the demon. At first, his instincts were to destroy this other life, as he had done so many times before. This was his raison d’être, his purpose, his calling. Seek life, corrupt it and obliterate it, without hesitation or remorse.
But something about this creature’s graceful movements and entrancing song halted him, froze him so he was drawn into observing her instead. For a moment that seemed to last forever, he stood motionless. Completely consumed by the captivating beauty that was so effortlessly at one with her surroundings.

Hesychia finally spotted him and was startled only slightly. Her naive nature drew her closer to this stranger, whose battle-scarred exterior only evoked her care. She walked up close to him, gently sliding her fingers over his scars, then caressing his wounds and finally, gently stroking the blood that was scattered over his chest. Zestos could not move, finding himself drowning in this enchanting creatures’ eyes when they locked with his.

She bent down to pick up some moss and dipped that in the water, gently sponging Zestos’ wounds with it shortly after. Zestos knew then that he could never harm this gift of the gods. He hesitantly embraced her and felt his hardened soul starting to shed it’s hateful skin. The first of many layers, thousands of years of built-up rage and anger pent up beneath it. Her touch was slowly returning him to a more innocent state of being.

A blessing

Life with his precious nymph was tranquil and loving. Zestos and Hesychia had made a humble home together in her woods. They enjoyed each day with each other and as time passed, Zestos started to lower his defenses ever more. Hesychia had the honor of seeing a side of her lover that none had ever seen before. What made her especially enthralling to the demon, was her innocent ignorance of this fact, her seeming lack of self preservation. She loved without hesitation and with such a warmth that his heart grew fonder of her with each passing day.

His joy could not have been greater when one day, Hesychia shared the news of her being with child. Some years had passed since their first encounter and these had been the happiest of his life. His need to corrupt and agitate people, so they would commit heinous acts in the name of revenge or simply because they felt so uncontrollably enraged that they needed to find a victim to release it on, had gradually subsided. During his time with Hesychia, a fragile peace had come to their little corner of the world. Without the demon of wrath egging them on, people were better able to sort out their differences amicably, or at least without bloodshed in most cases.

To Zestos, Hesychia looked even more bewitching and radiant, now that he knew that a child was growing in her fertile body. Her soft curves seemed to fill out even more as time passed, only emphasizing her female grace so he desired her more. He enjoyed gently stroking her silky smooth skin and laying his hand on her belly, to feel the life they had created together. The baby was a lively one, frequently moving around and kicking. The doting parents thought nothing of it, assuming that they would simply have a little spitfire to raise when it finally welcomed the outside world. Little did they know what the future held for them…

An unforeseen turn of events

When her mother was very close to giving birth, the child’s parents unfortunately found that they needed to travel. Their home in the woods had become infested with dark creatures of late, attracted to the arrival of some dark angels that had set up camp nearby. Zestos did not want to risk falling back into his old behavior, he wanted to protect his family. He wanted to leave other people free to have their destinies unfold naturally for them, without his interference. Mind you, he would still stand his ground and help himself before any other, he hadn’t suddenly become pious and righteous over the love of his beloved. However, he did not wish to seek out trouble, he simply wanted a peaceful existence, outside of all that befell the world around him.

The roads were very unforgiving and the journey, several days long now, had taken it’s toll on the pregnant nymph. They were forced to stop in the Sehaeloth woods, south of the home they had left. Hesychia was suddenly starting to show signs of labour, the contractions were undoubtedly induced by the rough terrain they had to traverse. Zestos gently carried his wife off the cart that had transported them for many miles. He made a comfortable spot for her in soft soil, covered in spongy moss beds. They both expressed the hope that the contractions were merely a warning sign and that there would be time to get Hesychia to a midwife. Nervously, Zestos laughed at this, fearing there might not be enough time to get his beloved to the nearby town.

The fates had indeed decided otherwise and slowly, the contractions became more violent. Reluctantly realizing that the child was unavoidably coming, Zestos made his wife as comfortable as he could, creating a secluded area for her by covering the trees and bushes around them with branches and ivy. Whatever was around was grabbed for this purpose and used for a makeshift hut. He wanted to keep her as safe as he could, feeling helpless to stop the events that were unfolding right before him. Hesychia reassured him that it would all be well and he needn’t worry so much, after all childbirth is the most natural ordeal for a woman to brave.

A gruesome birth

Being born from both a demon and a nymph, the baby was unfortunately different than other magical children. Their unnatural union had led to the creation of something so alien to Kadrimoth, that the world had not anticipated it’s arrival. No action was taken by the fates to prevent this arrival, their knowledge of it’s existence had been kept at bay by the veil that had covered the life that the demon and nymph had built for themselves. Their seclusion had inadvertently led to the possibility for a new form of life to develop itself inside Hesychia’s body, which would ultimately cost her parents all they held dear.

The birth was very long and painful for both mother and daughter, Hesychia’s hips were not very suitable for childbirth and the child had become stuck, the baby’s precious little body locked firmly in her mothers pelvis. Exhaustion started to overtake the poor mother, who valiantly kept trying to push her child into the world with her waning strength. The infant was more developed than most, born with keen natural instincts, on a very basic level it realized it was trapped and dying. The girl wriggled about and tried to kick and claw her way out of her mother, the body where she had safely grown to fruition now a deathtrap. Zestos tried to aid them, but all his attempts were in vain. The screams of his dear lover were almost too much to bare, but he persisted and kept trying to talk to her, kept trying to get hold of the child to pull it out. At this point, he did not care about his offspring anymore, he only wanted his Hesychia to be safe, to stop her pain and tend to her wounds as she had tended to his years ago.

Zestos witnessed the horrific birth of his daugther as if he was miles away, it all felt surreal to him. He saw Hesychia fighting for her life and their baby’s, when all he could really do was caress her, hold her hand and sit by her side. He wanted so much for her fight to be his, he was so much stronger and acquainted with pain. If only he could take it all away, her agony was too much for him to bare.

His wife’s swollen belly was suddenly moving in a peculiar way, instead of towards her loins, whatever was inside her was now moving upwards. Zestos observed this and wondered whether this was normal for birth. In all his millennia of existence, he had only ever destroyed life, never witnessed it’s creation personally. Some moments later, the mother’s belly burst open and the child’s head was slowly appearing out of it. As the child emerged from the bloody gash it had created, Zestos saw it’s pointy little teeth glisten in the moonlight. Both mother and child were soaking in blood. Pieces of flesh and skin were dangling from the baby’s face as she opened her mouth to cry. Her cries were more reminiscent of howling rather than anything else. His wife’s agonized and horrified screams were faintly audible in the background of the surreal scene.

A heinous act

Zestos sat powerlessly by his beloved’s side , holding her hand and gently stroking her otherwise silky skin, now drenched in salty sweat and soaked in her own tacky blood. The metallic smell of it now nauseated him, something that he had never experienced before. The thought of all that blood belonging inside the nymph’s body, but instead flowing into the soil beneath them, colouring the bright green moss in shades of deep red, turned his stomach as he realized that he was losing her. Hesychia’s weakened body started to give up the fight it had been putting up relentlessly for hours on end, the fight for her child’s life. Zestos looked her deep in the eyes and she faintly smiled to him as he cupped her head and he saw the light fade from her eyes. He felt the ground beneath him open up, plummeting him into a never ending abyss. Tears flooded his eyes and he could not see what was above or below him, there was only darkness surrounding him everywhere. The gravity of it crushing him, until he was entirely engulfed by the dark.

When he regained consciousness, Zestos found himself still sitting next to Hesychia, her lifeless head now limp in his hand. He looked over to the center of her body and stared intently at the monster that had emerged from it.
Abruptly, he pulled the newborn child from the destroyed body of Hesychia, killing it in a fit of rage. Forcefully he tossed the evil creature violently aside, still unable to grasp that his beloved was gone. He wished for time to turn back, for them to never have conceived this abomination. He begged for their happiness to return, for the harmony not to have been disturbed by these events. Tried to barter with the gods that had long ago abandoned him, trading his life for hers, or better yet, their child’s life.

But the gods kept silent, leaving Zestos to feel empty and alone. Eventually, after cradling his deceased lover for the longest time, rocking her gently, Zestos finally decided to leave. Defeated, he was carrying his dear Hesychia in his arms, placing her back onto the cart that hours before had meant no more than a promise for a destination. Now, it was the vehicle transporting them towards inevitable change and abrupt endings, promising nothing more than endless suffering once more.

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