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Stories of Kadrimoth – the Draequehaless family: Sericea chapter 2

In our story, there are two worlds: the human Earth world and an alternate dimension: Kadrimoth. The house of Draequehaless rule one of the largest realms in this dimension.
In this chapter, queen Sericea deals with the consequences of that fateful encounter with the angel who so brutally deflowered her.

A blessing

Months had passed since Sericea’s encounter with the angel and she hadn’t fully recovered yet. She was a lot more anxious than she used to be and she pulled away initially from her husband’s approaches. She felt twisted inside, torn between her love for him and her scars from that fateful encounter. Her body didn’t feel like her own anymore, especially since ‘it’ had started to show.

In the mirror, she observed herself daily, ever since one of the maids had made a remark about her – otherwise impeccable – figure. The maid had been punished thoroughly for her insolence of course, but there was a truth in her words. Sericea could see herself expand a little more every so many days. Knowing full well what this meant, she felt a mixture of joy over the life growing inside of her and loathing for it’s conception. She had wanted to abort the pregnancy – there were some excellent women of the craft in the castle who could provide her with the necessary herbs. Her husband had been very strict about it though: a child was a blessing in these barren times. He had persuaded her that is was a sign of hope in a world caught in agony and despair

Coming to terms

As the pregnancy proceeded, Sericea fell increasingly ill. She was instructed to keep to her bed and walk only minimally. Being stubborn as she was, this was a very difficult task. She felt like a captive in her own home. The king visited her many times a day, being very supportive throughout her ordeal. They both knew there was no conceivable way that the child was his, as they hadn’t shared a bed in quite some time due to all of the battles that had to be fought. Upon his return, the king was simply always too exhausted. 
When the signs of her pregnancy had become clear, he had offered his beloved wife to take the child as his own. Their marriage had been barren until then, despite enjoying the martial pleasures quite regularly when the were newly wed, and he desperately awaited an heir to the throne. Of course, there was a chance the child would be a girl, but he had decided to raise her a strong queen in that case. Any child would do, as long as it was theirs to the outside world and his to love.


Giving birth was the hardest part of this unwanted journey for Sericea. A part of her didn’t want to let go of the child, as it would mean she would have to acknowledge it for what it was. A bastard. No-one else would know, everyone already thought that the child was the legitimate fruit of their marriage. But she would know.
After hours of pain and doubt she could no longer resist the child from entering the world, her body weak from fighting the inevitable. She let go, pushing as hard as she still had the strength for. When the child was held up by her midwife in joyful adoration, she turned her head away in disgust. It was even worse than she could have ever imagined: the child was born a visible outcast!


The little baby elf was most certainly no vampire like his parents, but instead was endowed with two black-feathered wings. This was a nightmare. No elf was allowed to mate with an angel, the child was an obvious abomination. Drowning in her tears, she felt the gentle stroke of her husband’s hand. He looked deep into her eyes and somehow she felt reassured. His look told her that everything would work out somehow. She gingerly looked at her son and the boy stopped crying as it was placed by her side by the midwife.


The royal couple lay in the bed for hours on end, staring at the angel-elf and talking. How would they hide his true identity? The midwife and help had been persuaded to keep silent. Hopefully, their loyalty was great enough. Finally, they wrapped up their little bundle of misery and sat upright. Sericea enjoyed the firm embrace her husband held her in, it calmed her down. Carefully, they started talking about naming him. His raven black wings led them to name him Bran, which means Raven.

Despite his tainted beginnings, Bran grew up quite happily, though he wasn’t allowed to leave the castle grounds ever. His mother was as good a mother as she could have been expected to be. In later years, Bran was joined by two sisters, the twins Lilith and Morgan. This made his childhood even more interesting, as Lilith’s disposition was naturally evil but Morgan’s was good. They were quite the contrasting pair, always bickering. 

In his teens, Bran was told the story of his beginnings. Over the years, Sericea did distort the story somewhat, as it has festered in her memory. Bran came to know his biological father as a ruthless fallen angel. He has hated the man ever since and sworn to avenge his mother someday. 

The king is dead…

In the 19th year of Bran’s existence in this world, his father was taken from them. During yet another battle he had finally been slain. Ever since the defilement of his wife, the king had been even more persistent about the war. He wouldn’t stop until every last angel had been punished for the heinous act. His newfound hate had made him reckless, disregarding personal safety on a whole. Passionately attacking every soldier as though he were the culprit. He was eventually struck by a precisely aimed arrow in the back of his neck, after which the slayers had driven a stake through his heart and cut off his head to finalize his demise. Bran was deemed to young to rule, so it was decided that Sericea take the throne until Bran had matured. Succession would normally take place after the 100th birthday of the crown prince.

The death of king Araniár had left the family without their rock. They were all devastated, even though Lilith responded indifferently so as to keep up appearances. This loss was too much for their mother, who had not dealt with her feelings in many years. Sericea had changed from an elegant, polite queen with great care for etiquette to nothing short of a harlot. The queen mum had been hurt too much and found herself unable to deal with life without her beloved.

All characters featured in this story are BJD’s from our personal ball jointed doll collection. You can learn more about them, by visiting their profile pages:

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