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A spotlight post about Afrodita Dolls BJD, detailing what makes these artist-created dolls unique and special.
In this blog series, I will share information about some well-known and lesser-known ball jointed doll artists who work in resin in around 16″ (1/4 or 40-45cm) size, so theoretically these dolls would look good as a companion to the Popovy Sisters dolls I own. In following posts I will also talk about similar realistic fashion style BJD’s in materials such as porcelain and similar dolls in alternative sizes.

ball jointed doll

Brand: Afrodita Dolls

Artist(s): Maissa Miyashiro
Created in: Peru

Genders available: female
Skin tones available: Light, Normal Beige, Cinnamon, Dark Cocoa, Gray
Dolls in picture: Prue, Annie, Jade

Can share clothes with:

The dolls may be able to share clothes with the 1st body type of Tender Creation dolls, but this is not certain.

Do you know of dolls that can share clothing , wigs or shoes with Triffony Art Work dolls? Leave your comments below!


Regarding their pose ability: they are tightly strung and sueded with leather so they can hold poses very well.
They can stand unsupported in the flat position of their feet, in the heel position the use of shoes for being able to stand without support is necessary. They have a joint in the toes so their feet can change their position easily.
Their hands can touch their faces because they have double joints on their elbows, also they can move their shoulders upwards and forwards because of their shoulders joints. Their torsos are divided into 4 parts so they can hold multiple poses.
They have double joints in their knees and a joint in their neck for added realism and emotion in posing.

Body I
Neck jointdouble
Shoulder jointsdouble
Elbow jointsdouble (peanut)
Wrist jointssingle
Finger joints
Thigh jointsdouble (peanut)
Leg jointscup over thigh joint
Knee jointsdouble (peanut)
Ankle jointssingle
Foot jointsflexible toe piece
Additional joints

Measurements in cm

Length 43
Head circumference 11,5
Wig size in inches4,5
Eye size in millimeters8
Leg length including foot22,5
Foot length 5,5
Foot width 2
Arm length including hand14,5
Neck circumference5,5

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