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A spotlight post about Popovy Sisters BJD, detailing what makes these artist-created dolls unique and special. 
In this blog series, I will share information about some well-known and lesser-known ball jointed doll artists who work in resin in around 16″ (1/4 or 40-45cm) size, so theoretically these dolls would look good as a companion to the Popovy Sisters BJD’s I own. In following posts I will also talk about similar realistic fashion style BJD’s in materials such as porcelain and similar dolls in alternative sizes.

After falling hard for the style of ball jointed dolls that the Popovy sisters started making back in 2012, someday owning a Little Owl became a high priority on my list. In many ways, she was a grail doll for me and I feel so blessed that I was able to order her in 2015. And last year (2018) I had finally saved up enough to order Landy as well! She arrived with me this year.

Lately, this style of doll is becoming increasingly more popular, especially among Russian artists, and I find myself following ever more artists on Instagram who decide to create their dolls with a similar aesthetic. So many in fact, that I thought that this might also be interesting to share!

Popovy Sisters fashion style BJD's

Brand: Popovy Sisters

Artist(s): Lena and Katya Popovy
Created in: Russia

Genders available: female
Skin tones available: Ivory, Sand, Moka, Chocolate, Pearl gray
Dolls in picture: Landy, body III and Little Owl, body II
Comparisons: Popovy with Tender Creation
Enchanted doll / Inspiredoll / Numina / Sybarite / Deva / Tender Creation / Marmite Sue / Pasha Pasha

Can share clothes with:

Pedigree Sindy, body types I and II are quite similar, so they can share clothes, but the body type III has a bigger bust size with very pointy nipples, so fitted clothing won’t work as well.

Do you know of dolls that can share clothing , wigs or shoes with Popovy Sisters dolls? Leave your comments below!


Popovy Sisters dolls are tightly strung and treated with silicone lining in the joints, so they pose beautifully: very elegantly and they are able to hold poses well.
Due to the fact that there is no flat-foot option, the dolls can generally not stand unsupported though.

Body I / II neckBody IIBody III / IV
Neck jointsingledoubledouble
Shoulder jointssinglesinglesingle
Elbow jointsdouble (peanut)double (peanut) double (peanut)
Wrist jointssinglesinglesingle
Finger joints
Thigh jointssingle double (peanut) double (peanut)
Leg jointsattached to thigh jointcup over thigh joint cup over thigh joint
Knee jointsdouble (peanut) double (peanut) double (peanut)
Ankle jointssingle singlesingle
Foot joints
Additional jointsWire hands: strung on the doll
Magnetic hands: detachable
Wire hands: strung on the doll
Magnetic hands: detachable

Measurements in cm

Length 40
Head circumference 12
Wig size in inches4-5
Eye size in millimeters8-10
Leg length including foot23
Foot length 4,6
Foot width 1,6
Arm length including hand15,5
Neck circumference3,7

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The dolls depicted in this blog post are from our personal ball jointed doll collection. You can learn more about them, by visiting their profile pages:

ball jointed doll
Popovy Little Owl
ball jointed doll
Popovy Landy